Fitness Watch

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This is the very first fitness watch that I have ever owned.  Thanks to LifeTrack Move C300 for giving out samples of this product.  I was even more excited when I found out that they would let me review and keep it as well.

I first saw this kind of watch from one of my friends on Facebook.  Since then I have been admiring this gadget.  I find it really cool and useful for me, especially during the summer season when I do a lot of outdoor activities.  I have this watch for over a year now but I have yet to use the apps that go with it so it would be easier for me to keep track of my daily activities.  I have been using it though on a regular basis since I received it.

This LifeTrack Move C300 syncs with Argus and MapMyFitness apps.  Since I don’t have a smartphone, I did not even bother to check those apps.  Now that I think about them, maybe they will work on my desktop computer.

This fitness watch is like the size of a regular watch that you can easily wear on your wrist.  It displays the miles you traveled, the calories you burned and the number of steps you took, in addition to the time and date features it has.  The device also allows you to graph your stats on an hourly, daily, weekly or per workout basis whichever you prefer.  To top it all off, it also monitors your heart rate.