Bold Skincare: Beauty Companies Harness 3D Printers for Humane Goals

In today’s 3D printing gold rush, tiny startups and large companies are both competing over the next big idea. From the medical world to the restaurant business, there always seems to be a clever way for 3D printers to revolutionize the game. Even the cosmetics industry has gotten involved, with young entrepreneurs touting “3D-printed makeup,” beauty giants experimenting with printable skin, and companies testing out biodegradable packaging. All in all, beauty and technology seem to be a formidable combo.

Testing on Printed Skin

Traditionally, makeup and skincare products have been tested on animals before any humans try them. In the past, this controversial practice was the only way for beauty companies to ensure their products were safe, but animal rights groups banded together to ban testing in the European Union and a few other countries around the world.

Starting in the 80s, the L’Oreal beauty corporation worked around this law by using leftover plastic surgery samples to see how their products looked on different skin tones and age brackets. Now, the company has embraced 3D printing technology for their latest project: printing skin samples from scratch. In the same way that doctors are using 3D printed skin to treat burn victims, L’Oreal expects their version of skin production will be fully operational by 2020. Once they’ve perfected it, 3D printers will allow the company to avoid harming animals and still know how their products will behave on human skin.

Instant Makeup

Although this might not qualify as 3D printing tech, two new startups have come up with devices that wouldn’t be out of place on a futuristic vanity. Here’s the basic concept: find a picture of anyone whose makeup you admire, upload it to the design app, and let the printer figure out how to replicate that look on your own face. Then, place your face in front of the device’s opening and wait for 30 seconds; the printer will apply a primer, foundation, and color in that brief time. It might seem a little frightening to entrust your face to an ominous-looking machine, but eventually the technology could become part of daily life. For women who like accenting their natural beauty with makeup, but hate how long it takes to apply, a makeup printer could save them hours every week.

More Sustainable Packaging

Cosmetics packaging isn’t easy to recycle. The small tubes, tubs, and tiny bottles usually end up in landfills, and the beauty industry has been trying to change that. 3D printers may offer the answer: when small business owner Anita Redd lost her packaging supplier, she decided to make a 3D-printed jar for her lip balm product. Her company’s ethos was all about all-natural ingredients, so the biodegradable container reflected that well. As larger companies adopt 3D-printed packaging methods for their international products, we may see a drastic reduction in plastic waste. Consumers want to buy products that they know won’t harm the environment, and now, the beauty industry is finally starting to catch up.

What’s in my Toiletry Bag? #BringComfyBack

The summer season is my favorite time of the year here in northern Minnesota.  The temperatures are not too hot nor too cold for someone like me who grew up in the tropical country the Philippines.  Now that the summer season is coming to an end and before the fall season finally sets in, my hubby and I are going to take a trip out west to visit my sister and my hubby’s grand daughter.  The trip comes at a perfect time with the gas prices plunging across the nation.   photo DSC_0021_zpshrixtxng.jpg
It will be a long drive for us and I want to make sure that everything that I need gets packed well ahead of time.  My toiletry bag is cute (compared to my hubby’s) but it can nicely fit the stuff that I need.  A few panty liners from U by Kotex are a must.  I don’t like surprises from Mother Nature and to save myself from embarrassment, I need to safely pack panty liners and my favorite pair of undies before hitting the road.  That’s the first order of business when packing things for a long road trip, especially since it will be a ten day trip or more. I don’t want to leave the house for an extended period of time without panty liners and other basic toiletry needs.
 photo DSC_0020_zpsb44fzroh.jpg
U by Kotex panty liners are not only thin and comfortable, they also stay in place. The graphic prints are also cute.  For girls, panty liners are a basic necessity, so get a $1 off coupon for your next liners purchase here. You can also enter to win the #BringComfyBack contest and have the opportunity to score some amazing monthly prizes. The grand winner will receive a trip to L.A. with a girlfriend, an exclusive U by Kotex photo shoot to be their new social star and $2,000 spending cash!

Coupon Codes and Hot Deals

I will be doing a lot of shopping very soon. I have a big box that needs to be filled up so that I will be able to send it to my family back home in the Philippines this Thanksgiving. On top of that, I also have an upcoming trip abroad and I will be shopping for gifts that I am going to take along with me. I have been looking for places where I can Get Coupon Codes and deals online. Even though I haven’t done a lot of shopping yet, I already felt exhausted just by thinking about buying stuff for everyone in the family. Instead of buying presents for all of them, I am thinking about just giving my family and relatives cash. That will help me save a lot of time shopping and I know that the things that they buy with the money I gave will be things that they really wanted. Giving cash is what I am going to do with the rest of my family because I definitely can’t buy stuff for all of them here in the US and haul it across the Pacific Ocean.

Women in particular like to shop. I am one of them but I am a thrifty shopper. Most of the time, I shop at thrift stores. When shopping at thrift stores, I also look for good deals for things that I need and want to buy. I actually look for great deals both online and on-site stores because I want to save money in any way I possibly can, especially in these tough economic times when every penny counts.

Since I have a lot of expenses coming in, my hubby and I probably won’t be buying presents that we can open on the Christmas Eve. The new washer, fridge and laptop are the early Christmas presents we bought for ourselves already. I won’t be shopping much for ourselves because I think those presents were already too much, knowing that many families have fallen on hard times. One of the best ways that I can think of to keep that from happening to us is to be frugal and be cautious on spending money on frivolous things or try the free gift with purchase type of shopping.

If you like to shop online check out Get Coupon Codes. There you can find coupons and deals on your favorite brand names and hot items. I haven’t tried using any of the coupons on that site yet myself but it might be worth giving it a try very soon. I don’t usually shop online for clothes because my hubby doesn’t think it is a good idea when you need to try on and observe the quality or fit first hand. I do want to find out more about the website though, in case I find something there that I really like. They have listed over 3000+ online stores and 10,000 coupon codes for your online purchase savings.

U by Kotex Curves® Liners #BringComfyBack

At some point we all experience uncomfortable moments. The picture above is my uncomfortable face that no one wants to see.  Summer time is the most comfortable weather for me here in the northern Minnesota. The high humidity that we sometimes get during the summer season doesn’t bother me at all. I am used to high humidity because I grew up in a tropical country, the Philippines. When it comes to comfort, my purse is not an exception to the rule. I don’t like to carry a bulky purse so my purse carries only the very basic stuff that I need.  These are the things that I carry in my purse all of the time:  a pen, a small notebook, a pocket bible, a flashlight, my wallet, a cellphone, a small medicine box for my hubby, lipstick, underwear, a sanitary pad and of course a couple of panty liners.

The underwear, sanitary pad and panty liners are a somewhat new addition to my purse.  The thought of adding them came after a period came unexpectedly and if that happens when you are unprepared, it can cause a lot of embarrassment.  Since then I learned a lesson.  Now I always have that stuff handy in case of unexpected emergency.

 photo DSC_0082_zpssh3rygdh.jpg

This is the first time I have tried U by Kotex Curves® Liners but I have been a user of their tampons for quite sometime. U by Kotex Curves® Liners are very comfortable. They stay where you want them and don’t bunch up. Aside from being comfy, the graphic print is cute 😉 .

 photo DSC_0081_zpsf92ncdo5.jpg

If you want to give U by Kotex Curves® Liners and U by Kotex® Lightdays® Liners a try, get a $1 off coupon for you next liners purchase at Furthermore, if you want to receive a $200 Urban Outfitters gift card, a Go Pro Hero 3 white camera, a $100 Sephora gift card and U by Kotex products, enter the #BringComfyBack contest and upload your creative pic or gif showcasing your best uncomfy face. Each month one lucky winner will win amazing prizes. At the end of the contest, the most creative selfie will be chosen and the winner will receive a trip to L.A. with a girlfriend, an exclusive U by Kotex photo shoot to be their new social star and $2,000 spending cash!

Receiving Helpful Assistance

The human body is an amazing unit. Scientists and other professionals are still learning more about how the human body operates and functions. Although the life of a human being usually lasts for less than a century, there are ways that a life can be assisted and even enhanced.

Simple Exercise

A wonderful way an individual can receive beneficial assistance is to begin exercising. Practically everyone knows that exercise can be helpful to the body. A good way to start exercising is to walk. A short walk of about 20 minutes can do wonders for a body. In addition to this, people can feel great as they stretch their legs and explore the world. There are fitness clubs and centers where people can experience fun exercises with peers and neighbors. After all, exercise can be something that people can look forward to and enjoy. Most of the easiest exercises, such as walking and running, can be done without having to spend any money.

A Small Pill

As people grow older, they recognize that their bodies are not able to do what they had done in the past. A run or morning jog may not be feasible anymore. For younger athletes, they may be able to do amazing performances while competing but need an extra boost to recover the next day. While each individual has different needs, a supplement can be an ideal way for people to receive the assistance that is needed. Bionorica and other nutritional supplements can be just what a body needs in order to function properly.

Sleep Well

People of practically all ages do not receive the sleep that they need. It can be easy to skip some sleep in order to work, have a time of recreation or get some projects done around the home. People who get enough sleep can discover that they have more energy for the day. Furthermore, the body can heal itself as it receives a good sleep. For some, it is a matter of discipline to decide to go to bed at a specific time in order to be refreshed and ready for the next day.

There are a number of ways a body can receive beneficial assistance in order for individuals to function properly. The result is that people can lead productive lives. That can be a huge blessing that benefits society as well as the individual.

OAXIS Launches Smart Wellness Line on Pozible

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OAXIS, an award-winning consumer technology company, has launched its OAXIS Wellness Line. Read the press release here.

OAXIS’ body analyzer, Bluetooth water bottle, and fitness bands can be ordered now on Pozible, a crowdfunding website now and will be available for purchase at in September.

The OAXIS Wellness Line aims to empower users to both make healthier choices and make them much easier, with wellness technology that easily integrates into an active lifestyle.

Enter to win products from the OAXIS Wellness Line below:

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Summer is About Pops of Color

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Sometimes changing things up and giving a new fresh look to your space is as easy as adding a pop of color.

Spending time entertaining or relaxing in your outdoor area should be a huge part of your summer days and nights. And nothing enlivens that outside living space like pillows. You can change the entire look with fun, modern, graphic, bold pillows that also add that touch of flair and comfort. Mix, match, play with color. You can’t go wrong – especially once you add family and friends.

You can also add some beach-inspired towels to help perk up your bathroom. They’re also a beautiful addition poolside. Wrap yourself in luxurious comfort with soft, beautiful, absorbent towels that add subtle nautical flair with stripes in muted colors.

But it’s not just about your outdoor space. A simple, breezy tablecloth with an unexpected dip dye look adds an unexpected splash of whimsy to your dining experience. Casual, yet elegant, this modern tablecloth is perfect whether you’re dining indoors or entertaining alfresco.

These easy updates from have bold impact and give you that fresh, updated stylish feel that come with summer.

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