Fitness Watch

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This is the very first fitness watch that I have ever owned.  Thanks to LifeTrack Move C300 for giving out samples of this product.  I was even more excited when I found out that they would let me review and keep it as well.

I first saw this kind of watch from one of my friends on Facebook.  Since then I have been admiring this gadget.  I find it really cool and useful for me, especially during the summer season when I do a lot of outdoor activities.  I have this watch for over a year now but I have yet to use the apps that go with it so it would be easier for me to keep track of my daily activities.  I have been using it though on a regular basis since I received it.

This LifeTrack Move C300 syncs with Argus and MapMyFitness apps.  Since I don’t have a smartphone, I did not even bother to check those apps.  Now that I think about them, maybe they will work on my desktop computer.

This fitness watch is like the size of a regular watch that you can easily wear on your wrist.  It displays the miles you traveled, the calories you burned and the number of steps you took, in addition to the time and date features it has.  The device also allows you to graph your stats on an hourly, daily, weekly or per workout basis whichever you prefer.  To top it all off, it also monitors your heart rate.

Garcinia Cambogia FAQs

Garcinia Cambogia 3000 & Green Coffee Bean Extract

It is really easy to gain weight but oh so hard to lose it when you want to. Over the past eight years since I got here to the US I have gained almost twenty pounds. The first couple of years, I could easily lose all of the weight that I gained over the winter during the summer, but as the time went on, I have been having a harder and harder time losing it. The only quick weight loss diet that I can think of whenever I get frustrated is to quit eating altogether.

If there is one thing that I have been trying to lose, it is my stomach fat. I feel like I have gained a lot of weight in that area. I am not really concerned about the few pounds that I have put on over the years but I really don’t like having a bulging belly. My hubby said that I am not fat but that I could look better if I lost a few pounds around my waist. I was trying to lose my stomach fat by being active in outdoor activities but it seems like that is not enough. I have read some FAQs regarding Garcinia Cambogia after my younger sister in Colorado told me that she had tried the Pure Garcinia Cambogia US after hearing it from her sister in-law.

The winter season is the hardest time of the year for me not to gain weight. Personally this is the time of the year that I like to eat more than I usually do. Eating more than I should during the cold days has become my hobby the past few years. That is why when the spring season comes, I need to double my effort to lose weight by getting back on the right track. Fortunately, this year I have noticed that I haven’t put on as much weight as I have in previous years.  For some reason, I managed to keep my weight down, despite stuffing myself with good food over the holiday season. As a result, I am a happy camper right now and feel like I am ready for the beach. For those who really struggle to lose weight, feel free to check out this program for Natural Weight Loss. I have not had a first hand experience with Garcinia Cambogia but have read many success stories about this product online.

Starting a Juicing Diet

Have you tried dieting but never really lost a lot of weight or had quickly fallen back to your bad habits and fattening ways?

Well, you might want to choose the juicing diet. Juicing has been around for years but only recently has it gotten the attention of many people.

First, if you want to start a juicing diet, you have to get hold of a juicer. This appliance extracts the juice fast. You might want to choose a good brand, especially if you really are hoping to make juicing a regular part of your system.

The second thing you must do is to create a juicing plan you can follow for an entire week. There are plenty of recipes available on the web to help you jumpstart your juicing diet.

The rule of thumb is that you should use more vegetables than fruits in your juice so as to lessen the sugar content of your drink. However, pure vegetable juice can be a bit overwhelming. You can add a squeeze of lemon for a nicer taste.

To motivate you into following through your juicing diet, use a variety of recipes so the drinks will not be boring and you’ll quickly learn to love the taste.

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Health is Wealth

 photo Untitled_zps77fa736c.jpgIn today’s world, health had become something that concerned everybody. Almost everyone of us became so much conscious of our health that we tend to be paranoid with the things we eat and things we do. Of course, health means our life and its quality, thus we feared illness as much as we feared death. Just as the famous Twilight movie said, “Life is hard. Death is easier”, life indeed is difficult to keep and live for there would surely be consequences for every actions we do.

This world-felt concern we have had been seen by many business-minded individuals around the globe paving way for fitness businesses. It is therefore undeniable that in almost every place we go, fitness gyms are present whose services are not confined to the four walls of their gyms.

It was just last day when the business center of my brain realized this prospering business venture nowadays upon encountering a Zumba Dance Workout held in one of the prestigious malls here in our locality. It was not for free of course, especially for today’s world where everything comes with a price The said event was attended by a number of high-end professionals in the city which were at various ages, showing that fitness had really been everyone’s concern. The workout session cost $15 as a registration fee which covered the certificates and the 1-hour Zumba session. The event got even more colorful with their signature neon-colored workout pants that were also sold as souvenirs and workout outfit. The concept had really fascinated me as a young entrepreneur that fitness which made everyone frenzy about today could be turned into something which could generate funds while at the same time helping others achieve the health that they deserved. Such indeed means a mutual benefit.

As a young business aspirant, business on fitness would really mean less resources, less expenses and high returns plus a promising fun experience and a sure hit because for everybody, “Health is Wealth”.

Biggest Loser

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How does the idea of losing weight feels for you? Because for me it makes me sick!

Losing weight is really upsetting and for me it is just a hard thing to do. Although, we can actually initiate it whenever we like to but to maintain it is the greatest challenge of all. Definitely, it takes a lot of patience and a handful of discipline to succeed in cutting these excessive baggage.  Moreover, I am really determined to lose these extra weights I have but I just don’t know how to do it effectively.

I have almost given up this desire when I got inspired with the new season of Pinoy Biggest Loser. I am not as large as the contestants but like them, I also felt shameful with my looks and had lost confidence of myself. Hearing all their stories and problems in life made me feel that I am not alone in this situation and mine is even not as bad as them but unlike me, they still believe that they can change. I really found it helpless then to cut down my weight because I cannot maintain the exercises I had previously started. Knowing the stories of biggest losers of today’s season makes me inspired again and with them I am joining their journey towards healthier life.

Having TV shows like Biggest Loser do not just help the contestants in their weight problems but also help and inspire viewers like me to value myself and don’t lose hope. Indeed, it is not just entertaining but is more informative in the sense that it teaches us ways and tips on how to deal with our problems ourselves.

Trying to Lose Weight?

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Are you a dancer or an aspiring one? Are you one of those trying to lose some weights? Then why don’t you try to connect with the new dance game Kinect?

On the other hand, it is just then when my friends introduce me with Kinect as an avenue for us to express ourselves and have fun, that I found a connection with Kinect. Kinect is the Xbox dance game that utilizes 4-way sensors that detect body movements while we dance off. Dance steps are even flashed in large screens that are easy to follow. Sophisticated, this game is but it is very helpful in making us move while having fun with friends. It contains a number of dance modules that are varied where we can choose what kind of dance we want. It has reggaes, tangos, hip-hops, novelties, swag, Zumbas and a lot more.

Sounds so fun, isn’t it? But it doesn’t come expensive and/or difficult. Kinect units are available in a number of malls anywhere and in some KTV bars whose rates are highly affordable for you and your friends because with Kinect fun does not need to be costly. With Kinect, we are more than just connected, we are having good times while burning out extra calories that we don’t need.