Are Laser Procedures Right for Everyone?

There's absolutely no disputing the popularity of medical laser procedures. If they didn't work, they wouldn't be so popular, nor would the number of laser treatment options have continued to expand over the years. However, a big question on your mind might be are they the right choice for everyone? More importantly, are they the right choice for you [...]

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Securing Parts for Easy Movement at Work or at Home

When your job or project requires you to have the right tools on hand, you may want to avoid wasting time walking across the work area to fetch the tools you need. Rather than [...]

Fitness Watch

This is the very first fitness watch that I have ever owned.  Thanks to LifeTrack Move C300 for giving out samples of this product.  I was even more excited when I found [...]

Sports Teams Attire For Infants and Toddlers

A Fun Way to Show Team Support Getting school-aged children enrolled in sports is a healthy way to get them involved in their community and in socializing with their peers. [...]

Stylish Yet Inexpensive Sunglasses

I am a thrifty shopper. I always look for discounted or inexpensive stuff but with value. The first time I heard about stylish yet inexpensive prescription eyeglasses, I [...]

25% off all Christmas Cards!

Disclosure: This post was provided by eAccountable and contains affiliate links that may yield commissions earned at no cost to you. Starting your own holiday tradition [...]

Bladder Supports for Women #TryImpressa

I know someone dear to me who deals with urinary incontinence. She experiences bladder leakage when she laughs hard and also when she coughs.  I spoke with her yesterday [...]

Bold Skincare: Beauty Companies Harness 3D Printers for Humane Goals

In today’s 3D printing gold rush, tiny startups and large companies are both competing over the next big idea. From the medical world to the restaurant business, there [...]

What’s in my Toiletry Bag? #BringComfyBack

The summer season is my favorite time of the year here in northern Minnesota.  The temperatures are not too hot nor too cold for someone like me who grew up in the [...]